Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fireside - Susan Wiggs {Review}

Susan Wiggs is one of my favorite Romance writers. She has a way of creating a romance between her characters, that captures your interest and keeps you reading till the very end. There has not been a book I haven't wanted to read again...until now (Sorry Susan!!) I have now read every book in her Lakeshore Chronicles. Definitely a great series to read.

Fireside, is up next for review.

I was very excited to read this book. I tried to get in Paperback form, but every time I went to purchase it on it was out of stock and to put it on my Kobo was a pain! But in the end I purchased it for Kobo.

Ok, so this book tells the tale about Bo Crutcher, a small town Minor League soon to be Big League Baseball player and Kimberly Van Dorn. A ''hotshot media-relations expert'' from LA. Their worlds collide, as Bo finds out his son AJ needs his help. A son whom he has never met.

The book started off, slow to me. Actually the whole book was slow going. I didn't feel invested in the characters at times. While the plot was ok, I was always hoping there was going to be more. It was simple. Boy sees girl, -  girl is not interested...then throw in a son who doesn't want to be with his 'Dad', and try to come up with some romantic way for Boy and Girl to fall in love. Bleh! Then there is the story of AJ's mom...There are a hundred different ways this could have been spun but (without giving too much away) the whole INS/Immigration story, not my cup of tea.

There were scenes in the book that made me smile and I got a glimpse of personality from a character. But they were few and far between. The whole concept of a 'father' who meets his son under stressful circumstances, and is trying to help the boy BUT then at the same time he's trying to spark a flame with a women - it just wasn't working for me.

AJ's story was what kept me reading. I was hoping he would come around and accept Bo as his father and was hoping he would see that Bo was trying to help his mother. But in the end AJ was a grumpy twelve year old who missed his mom. understandable. So after I realized that, that story line was a goner I was hoping the romance would makeup for the lack luster story line. Again, it was lacking. In her previous books I was devouring chapter after chapter, smiling like a loony, because the romance was SO there. But Bo and Kim's story was just...meh.

I did finish the whole book and while I give Susan a thumbs up for trying to keep it romance-y and adding in a few twists here and there, it had a predictable ending and I saw it coming from a mile away.

Overall, I'd say this was an ok read. Not her best work in my opinion but still a good book.

Make sure to check out her other work! Really.. it's good!

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